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If any details on your Booking Form or Invoice are incorrect please inform us immediately.  Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services will only accept changes to an order from the lead contact via the email, telephone or post. Any bookings that are not carried out due to incorrect information on the above forms will require full payment. If at the time of set up we discover that the chairs are not the ones as confirmed by the lead contact or by a delegated member of staff at your venue this may result in your ordered covers not fitting. In this instance, refunds are not possible and any outstanding payments are still due. To avoid this situation, we ask that you keep us updated if your chosen venue replaces their chairs.


Final numbers for hired items must be made clear to Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services 2 weeks before the event. We will allow for slight adjustments to your original estimate as we understand that it is difficult to predict exact guest numbers before this time.  We are generally able to accommodate increases on general estimates. We cannot guarantee that sudden increases in numbers at the last minute can always be accommodated. There are no penalties for numbers increasing or decreasing. The final invoice is always calculated to the final number of covers/table covers/centre pieces required. If the final balance is not paid by the due date the booking will be immediately cancelled.


Please note that any cancellation by the customer with less than 4 weeks notice of the booked date will require full payment. Cancellation outside of this time by the customer does not require additional payment, but all deposits from the time of booking are non-refundable.


In the extreme and rare event that Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services can no longer dress your event once booking has been completed a full refund of the money which has paid by the lead contact will be issued.


A £50 deposit is required to secure all bookings for the selected date unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. The outstanding balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event.


The deposit is fully refundable once all of the hired items are returned to Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services in the condition of which they were hired out in. Please see below for charges which may be applied.


The final number of hired items fitted and installed at your chosen venue is the number that we expect to collect after your event. On collection if any hired items are missing then we will inform your venue and the lead contact will be issued with an invoice to replace the missing items at costs of: £5 per chair cover, £2 per sash, £4 per table runner, £20 per table cover, £25 per centre piece, £10 per mirror plate, £100 for Wishing Tree, £500 for Post Box, £10 for Post Box Key, £200 for Ferrero Rocher Stand, £500 for Candy Cart, £20 per piece of glassware (sweet jars). Additional charges are available upon request. Failure to pay the invoice within the time stated will result in the account being passed to a debt collection agency. The lead contact is responsible for the safe keeping of our hired items before, during and after use. Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services will collect all hired items within 48 hours after the event from the event location or from a location that has been confirmed and agreed by Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services. Any items that are lost or damaged whilst the customer has responsibility will require full replacement and the lead contact will be invoiced accordingly.


Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services will make every effort to fit in with the set up and collection arrangements of venues and other suppliers such as marquee/chair providers, and aim to deliver, set up and collect all hired items at a time most convenient to other service providers. However an unsocial hour charge of £50 will be made in the event collection is required after 10pm or before 8am. Failure to inform Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services of difficult collection circumstances or times may result in your order being cancelled upon discovery. Any theft of our items will result in the relevant authorities being contacted and subsequent prosecution.


All outstanding payments are due 4 weeks prior to your event and without this payment, Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services staff cannot set out to dress an event. It is the lead contact’s responsibility to ensure that all payments have been sent and received by Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services. Failure to pay any outstanding balance within the time stated may result in the order being cancelled immediately.


Standard laundering of hired items is included in all of our hire prices. However, if upon inspection after your event we find that irreversible or damage through mistreatment has been caused to our hired items for example rips, make-up, footprints, evidence of guest drawing on the linen, cigarette burns, candle wax, substantial food and drink stains etc. then Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services will inform the lead contact and the cost to replace the damaged stock will be taken from the Security Deposit provided. Should the cost to replace stock amount to more than that of the Security Deposit, Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services will invoice the lead contact accordingly.


At all times during your event the hired items remain the property of Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services.


We shall make our best efforts to supply you with the goods requested, but we reserve the right to supply you with similar goods due to warehouse stock levels or seasonal variations.


Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services requires full venue/delivery details and contact details of the lead contact at the time of booking. If these are not provided and contact with the lead person cannot be made, we reserve the right to cancel the booking. In this instance all booking fees will be lost. Please note, collection of hire items will be the day after the event. 


Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services may charge you a delivery fee to your venue. This charge will be made clear to you at the time of booking. Please be aware that Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services will charge for every mile to your venue as 4 trips will be made when delivering and collecting items.


Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services and all associated persons have the right to work in a safe and respectful environment. Any abuse, threats or acts of violence towards any person associated with Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services will not be tolerated and will result in immediate cancellation and removal of goods provided.


Payment of your deposit and return of your booking form, is deemed as you having read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of use. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like clarification on any of the above items. All contracts which require a signature from the lead contact are legally binding, including electronic signatures.


Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services reserves the right to update Terms and Conditions at any time. A full copy of the updated Terms and Conditions will always be available to be sent to the lead contact via email upon request, and will be displayed on Sparkle and Chic Wedding Services’ Facebook page. 




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